Insulation Done Right—Walltite®

Walltite® Eco™ polyurethane insulating foam makes it easy for homeowners to find the perfect air and vapour barrier. With less moisture pass-through, you can eliminate mould and mildew, while significantly reducing moisture buildup.

Walltite® Insulation/Air Barrier System

The Walltite® Insulation/Air Barrier System by BASF is perfect for the Burnaby and Vancouver areas, which receive anywhere from 2 to 3,000 millimetres of annual precipitation. Walltite® allows your heating and cooling systems to operate much more efficiently, extending their product lifetime and your budget. The system can also:

  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Enhance Structural Strength
  • Create an Airtight Seal
  • Lower Energy Costs & Consumption
  • Prevent Indoor Mould & Fungus Growth


This two-pound density polyurethane foam tightly adheres to most building materials, including wood frames, metal facing, gypsum board and masonry. Walltite® can be sprayed in to crawl spaces, attic floors, between studs, as well as onto basement and exterior walls.

Download the Walltite® Eco™ information packet (PDF), or visit the official BASF Walltite® website for additional details.

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Warranty & Assurances

The Walltite® system is CCMC-approved and carries a third-party warranty through Morrison Hershfield, a leader in sustainably engineered development projects.

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