Why use Spray Foam vs. Batt Insulation?

Environmentally Friendly

The benefits of using Spray Foam are many and long lasting. Using spray foam to insulate your home or business can contribute significantly to reducing the environmental stress faced by the world today. Spray foam insulation ensures that your home will maintain the highest standards of energy efficiency and as a result, reduce the carbon emissions produced by the burning of fossil fuels needed to heat and cool most buildings.

Air Quality Benefits

A continuous, airtight seal prevents pollutants such as dust, vehicle exhaust, or airborne particulates from invading a structure. Spray foam insulation exceeds all building codes for air barrier systems. In addition, spray foam is also mould resistant as it does not act as a food source for growing cases of mould.

Air Barrier & Performance

From an R-Value (standard measure of thermal performance) perspective, most Spray Foam products outperform Batt Insulation by nearly double when installed at the same thickness. In addition to that, Spray Foam has a measure of thermal performance that tilts the scales further in its favour that cannot be measured in R-Value – Air barrier properties.

Conventional insulation such as fiberglass batt insulation provides a poor barrier against air leakage since it is unlikely to fill in all cracks and seams. Even when using top installation practices, Batt Insulation allows air to freely pass through it which can draw cold air and even moisture into your exterior assemblies. Spray Foam, on the other hand, acts as a complete air tight and moisture tight barrier preventing these elements from entering your interior space. This produces a more comfortable living environment that is far more durable and healthy for its inhabitants.

Reduce Noise Levels

While Spray Foam has been “made-famous” for its excellent air sealing and thermal performance properties, its acoustical properties to repel unwanted noise cannot be overlooked. The continuous seal created by a spray foam application repels against noise from exterior vehicles, rain, wind, animals, etc. at a level far beyond that of conventional fiberglass batt insulation. For this reason, it is also ideal for interior applications such as around bedrooms, bathrooms, separate suites, etc.

Increases Structural Strength

Spray foam has a far higher density than conventional fibreglass batt insulation, this coupled with the improved adhesion to the substrate increases the structural strength of your home by over 200%. The structure of your home will be more rigid and as a result, issues such as settling and creaky floors will be minimal.

Is Spray Foam Safe?

In recent years spray foam has undergone some bad publicity. There have been some bulletins and news articles released that put a spotlight on the potential negative implications that could be caused by a poor spray foam application. The most serious of these implications is on-going off-gassing of the spray foam product that can lead to health concerns and ultimately render a house unlivable.

It is very important to understand that these negative implications are completely preventable. In order to best understand how, it is important to understand the current state of the spray foam market in our community. 20 years ago when Greer Spray Foam Ltd. opened our doors, there were perhaps 2 or 3 other spray foam applicators in the entire market. 10 years ago, that number grew to approximately 10 applicators. If you were to Google “Spray Foam Vancouver” today, you would find over 50 insulation contractors that offer spray foam services.

This rising number of contractors entering the industry, coupled with a rising number of manufacturers producing inferior spray foam products and selling them to those contractors, has drastically diluted the quality of the industry. Many of these contractors that are applying spray foam have not been properly trained by their manufacturer and don’t even truly understand what sorts of health risks to their clients and themselves can be at stake by not following proper safety and application protocols. As an example, issues involving off-gassing exclusively occur in cases where an insulation contractor has a bad chemical mix between their Part A and Part B components or when a contractor cheats on their pass thickness to get the project done quicker.

It is extremely important to interview your potential spray foam contractor extensively to ensure proper practices are being used. Furthermore, ensure a spray foam product with a long history in the industry (10+ years) is being used to confirm a degree of quality.

What is the Greer difference?

Greer Spray Foam Ltd. was established over 20 years ago as a Spray Foam specialty company before most residential builders and home owners even knew what Spray Foam was. Since then we have grown with the industry partnering with like-minded manufacturers / experts who share our priority in safety and quality.

Greer Spray Foam Ltd. is the ONLY spray foam company in Western Canada that has risen to the rank of Foam Master – This is a highly coveted certification through BASF and Morrison Hershfield (a highly renowned international envelope consulting firm). To maintain this certification we are required to ensure all applicators are extensively trained both in field practices and classroom theory. We are also required to submit to Morrison Hershfield daily quality control sheets ensuring that all projects were applied to meet or exceed manufacturer’s standard.

As a result of this program, all of our work is covered by a full third party warranty offered through Morrison Hershfield. In addition, all of our work is warrantied directly through Greer Spray Foam Ltd. as further quality assurance. It is important to note that in over 20 years of business, we have not had to exercise a single warranty. If you go with Greer, you receive peace of mind.

Couple with quality and safety, our industry goal is to provide state-of-the-art products, for the best price, with the shortest lead times. Contact a Greer expert representative to find out more.

Are there rebates available for insulation?

British Columbia offers several rebates for home & business owners associated with insulation and other energy efficient upgrades. For the most up-to-date information on these rebates, please review the following links: